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May 7, 2012

When we were little girls I remember spending hours and hours in my Aunt and Uncle’s basement.. playing make believe.. dreaming.. choreographing amazing routines.. picking out the most amazing wardrobes.. and then performing our fab dance routines in front of our family to huge applause. It was the four of us.. Larenne, Julanna and Deanne.. my cousins. We were so close growing up.. and as life moved on and we all grew up and moved to different parts of the globe.. we lost touch. So many times I regretted allowing that to happen. When I heard Larenne was coming up to my neck of the woods I jumped at the chance to hang out for a while.. and thought we could even do a little shoot…

This is the result of that… 6 am wake up and a quick 1 hour jaunt around my parents property.. it was FREEZING.. like -5 cold.. but I doubt you’ll feel cold looking at these images. Larenne is as breathtaking in real life as she is in these images.. more so even. She is one of the most dynamic, loving, hilarious and intelligent people that I know.. you just want to be around her, her energy is that wonderful. I’m so lucky to call her family.

So, friends.. meet my lovely, lovely cousin Larenne…

Love you, girl! xox

July 21, 2011

 When I say EPIC.. I mean this wedding was E   P   I   C.

Jazz singer meets country crooner… a proposal far from the traditional… a musical, theatre production wedding in 3 acts…

including costume changes, back up singers and dancing girls.

A love like no other… a family like no other.

Stay tuned for the full scoop.